May 04, 2018



This versatile duffle bag was inspired by the adventures of Giacomo Beltrami, an Italian jurist, author, and explorer, best known for his explorations trips in North America early 1800. Beltrami County in Minnesota is named for him.  


We wanted to create  an high performance duffle bag ready to explore fro the inner-city and beyond and capable of venturing off the beaten track and back again.



It's all about the leather. We use the best of the Italian leather available. Full grain leather, which is also hand dyed using the vegetable tanning methods, this means no harmful chemicals were used during the process.

This very old technique maintains the natural look of the leather and the colour of the leather retains different shades within. This makes each bag one of a kind.

Another plus is that the vegetable tanning process confers the leather a natural earthy smell

The lining is made of pure and resistent cotton. The hardware is antic gold.




The principles behind the Beltrami duffle bags are durability and flexibility:


The Beltrami duffle bag was built to withstand the xxxxxxxxx.....


Reinforced Handles Double Stitching Feet underneath Zip xxxx   Tough Cotton Lining




The Beltrami duffle bag is designed to fit into your lifestyle without compromises. Light enough to be hand carried around. Or when you need your hands free, the Beltrami goes across the body with the complementary removable shoulder strap.

Big enough to hold 3 days cloths and compact to be used as a carry-on luggage on the plan. Who want's to wait for the luggage when adventure awaits?

Modern living don't allow for waste of space, so we designed a bag that would be easy to store between adventures. The Beltrami can be flattened when empty and can be safely stored using the dust cover you receive when ordering the bag on republicofflorence.com.au

This will keep your Beltrami away from dust or mould, and the duffle bag will be ready for the next adventure as soon as you'll need it to be.



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