• Caring for your leather

      It’s true that some things get better with age. Taking care of your leather will help ensure it lasts. In our experience, caring for and maintaining your bag requires:

      Using a protective spray or cream will give your leather bag a coating that provides some waterproofing and protection from accidental spills. Be sure to test the product in a small and conspicuous area first to make sure that if the product causes the leather to change colour, then you’re happy with the change.
      Also, when you’re not using it, you should store your leather bag in the cloth dust cover that it came in.

      Leather is highly absorbent. Using a leather conditioner regularly will help to nourish the material, ensuring that it ages well and doesn’t dry out or crack. It also helps to remove any dirt build up and keep your bag looking amazing.

      Try and avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight or letting it get too hot as this will cause the leather to dry out. You should also keep it away from water, oil, grease and other liquids as these can stain your bag causing irreversible damage. You should also be careful using pens around leather as ink can sink below the surface and once this happens, it won’t come out.

      Other helpful leather care tips

      What should I do my bag gets wet?
      If you get your bag wet, it’s really important that you dry it slowly, at room temperature. Drying it too quickly will cause the leather to dry out and crack, so don’t use a hairdryer. Make sure you keep it in the shape you want, because just like you, leather has a memory and once it’s dry, it will stay in the shape it was when it was wet.

      Difficult zipper? Here’s a trick for that.
      The zippers on our bags work pretty hard, day-in, day-out. So it’s understandable that over time, they might become a bit stiff. If this happens, a bit of Vaseline rubbed along the surface of the zip will work wonders. Just make sure you don’t get any on the leather – zippers like Vaseline, but leather definitely doesn’t.