We use only premium full grain leather that’s vegetable tanned using a sustainable process which has been perfected over centuries. You'll know from the moment you breathe in and feel the leather that your Republic of Florence purchase is authentically, classically and beautifully Italian.


      A world-class tradition

      The tanneries in Italy are known as the best in the world. Hides are sent from around the globe to be processed in Italy using age-old artisan techniques.


      Eco-friendly and sustainable

      The craftspeople we work with in Italy use all-natural substances for tanning the leather. Referred to as “vegetable-tanning,” this process results in a softer, smoother feel and retains the naturally occurring variations which make each leather bag or accessory unique.


      Not all leather is created equal

      Due to the time-consuming nature of vegetable-tanning only about 10% of leather in the world is processed this way. Most leather is mass-produced using harsh chemicals that pollute the environment and dye the leather too quickly resulting in a rougher, hard feeling leather. Our premium leather looks and feels better, lasts longer, requires very little maintenance and is better for the environment.


      A few more facts

      “Italian leather” is not a trademarked term and only refers to leather that is produced in Italy. The tanneries we work with in Italy follow the artisan techniques and time-intensive process of vegetable tanning that results in premium leather. So “Italian leather” typically indicates premium leather, but it is not a guarantee. You can recognise premium leather by the softer feel with natural variations and deep aroma that are a result of the vegetable tannins.


      “Full grain” refers to the top of the hide and means that there has been no sanding, buffing or alteration to the leather. Full grain leather is the “real deal”, lasts longer and is easier to maintain, developing a beautiful patina over time.